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Text messaging, or texting, refers to the exchange of brief written text messages between fixed-line phone or mobile phone and fixed Birthday text message with symbols or portable devices over a network.

TXT SYMBOLS (EMOTICONS) / SMS Smilies. Dick head. 5. TEXT MESSAGE COLLECTION. Anniversary Text Messages (2) symbols; all; BY CATEGORY. Acronyms; Business; Jargon; Marketing .

Check out our free texting abbreviations list and texting symbols list to make your messages shorter! Text abbreviations and text symbols are all the rage these days with .

Collection of cool computer text symbols. All facebook symbols.

It's Tim's birthday. Instead of a package, Tim gets a mysterious letter Birthday text message with symbols -- written in code! It begins: "When the moon comes up , look for the biggest star."

How do you make a birthday cake just out of texting symbols on your phone? ChaCha Answer: Here's how you make a birthday cake with te.

@@@@@:-) Marge Simpson @:-) John Travolta in

Acronyms, abbreviations, and other slang terms used in Text Messaging.

Text abbreviations, text acronyms, text symbols, Birthday text message with symbols emoticon meanings - SMS dictionary, Dictionary of abbreviations, acronyms and emoticons for texting, Chat rooms and Bulletin Boards

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On ths special day best wishes go to U that
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